Terms & Agreement

It is important that entering in to a programme with me you are clear on the terms and agreements of our work together. This will ensure that things run smoothly through the programme. Please read these very carefully so that there are no misunderstandings later on.

Ground Rules:

  • It is the client’s responsibility to book sessions in advance, to ensure smooth running of the programme. It is recommended you book sessions at least one week in advance as Alex will likely be unable to fit you in with only a day or twos notice.
  • Alex will call you at the scheduled time via agreed upon method (skype/FaceTime/Telephone)

Length Of Programme:

  • The length of the programme is three months. This starts on the date of the initial consultation. So for example, if the first consultation is the 1st January the final date is 31st March.
  • If needed or desired, the contract can be extended. This will be discussed when appropriate.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Sessions:

  • It is strongly recommend you complete the Weekly Check In document and send this to Alex 48 hrs before each session. Please ensure you allow yourself quality time to reflect and complete this form.
  • We understand you may have questions in between calls. Please know that a quick question that requires a simple response can be e-mailed to hello@alexmanos.co.uk. More complicated questions will be saved so these can be discussed during sessions. Sometimes, reading will be provided so you can start to understand the concept/topic and empower yourself.

Taking Ownership:

  • Alex is not responsible for you, only to you.
  • It is important to appreciate only you can change your health or performance. Alex will provide as many tools as he can, share as much knowledge and wisdom as he can, be 100% present in sessions with you, but, you are the sole author of your life. It is the decisions you make on a daily basis that have the most profound influence on your future.

Support During The Programme:

Based on his qualifications, Alex will provide everything he feels is needed to support you during the programme. It is impossible to say specifically what this will be as it is based on the need of the individual but may include nutrition advice, exercise advice, life coaching, laboratory testing, or/and supplement recommendations.

Alex is a nutritional therapist with a MSc in Nutrition, is one of 13 fully certified Functional Medicine practitioners in the UK (as of 2016), is a certified life coach via Animas, and, an experienced personal trainer of over 10 years.

He also aims to provide a safe environment where you can explore yourself, your thoughts and emotions (this is influenced by Nancy Kline’s work in a ‘thinking environment’). The approach he takes is different for each individual. Rather than having a process he follows, he will listen to you and adapt to your needs.

There will be books, gadgets (such as a Fitbit or NutriBullet), reflective exercises that Alex will recommend you purchase or complete through out the programme. While it is completely up to you what recommendations you follow, it is our experience that those that set aside time on a weekly basis to reflect on what’s going well, what isn’t going well, and what solutions are available, are the clients that experience the quickest and greatest improvement in the quality of their lives.


  • E-mail is the method of communication in between sessions. Please allow for a 48 hr response time.
  • If you feel you require a response sooner than the agreed upon 48 hr e-mail response time, send Alex a text informing him there is an e-mail you feel needs urgent attention and he will call/respond at his first availability.


  • Sessions are scheduled biweekly (two sessions per month) and can last up to 60 minutes.
  • Session are available Monday to Thursday, 08:00-18:00.


A minimum of 24 hours cancellation is required otherwise Alex cannot guarantee his availability to reschedule your call for that week, and it may need to be forfeited. Alex will do everything he can to reschedule, if this is not possible, he will send an e-mail with some additional material to read or complete to ensure you are constantly moving forward during the programme.


  • Please note Alex is a nutritional therapist and coach, not your primary health care physician or a  medical practitioner. Therefore, unfortunately, Alex is never the person you contact in emergencies as this is outside his remit, legally and ethically. Please contact your Dr’s Surgery or A & E in these situations.


  • The cost of the three month programme is £250 per month. This is paid in monthly instalments.
  • If you wish to stop working with Alex during the programme, any money money taken is non-refundable. For example, if you cancel 6 weeks in to the programme, payment for the second month would have been taken. This will not be refunded, but payment for the third month, which will be automatically taken at the end of the second month will be refunded.
  • The cost of testing and supplements is not inclusive, but are obviously completely in your control. We discuss the options of testing and supplements based on your budget – we do the best we can do with the resources we have.

I recognise and understand all the terms and conditions set between Alex Manos and myself and agree to follow all the guidelines set out above.