Sample of The CFS Manual


This 65 page PDF is a free sample of the ‘Conquering Fatigue Successfully’ book.

The document is broken in to six sections: (1) An introduction to our system (2) An introduction to key concepts (3) Nutrition (4) Mindset (5) Lifestyle (6) Technology

The aim of this document is to provide a brief over view of both the research on CFS, as well as how we use this to support our clients, both on our 1-2-1 and group online programmes.

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Topics include:

  • An introduction to Functional Medicine
  • An introduction to our system
  • The key concepts: Allostasis, Allostatic Load, Resiliency and Vulnerability
  • Nutrition and supplement considerations and recommendations
  • Lifestyle strategies including the use of saunas ad meditation
  • Mindset – cognitive behavioural therapy, self-compassion, acceptance and the disease narrative
  • Technology that can support recovery such as heart rate variability monitoring


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