Our Approach

Wellbeing requires harmony between the parts:









"Our first concern then is to get to know the client, to show them that we want to hear their story" Vincent Deary

"unless we have some awareness of the client's life experience, we cannot, but in the most straightforward cases, proceed to give advice" Vincent Deary

"This therapeutic alliance can only be built on trust and understanding, and our first few sessions should be directed to building this, not blanket prescription. We must listen." Vincent Deary

"Evidence based practice must be coupled with a client centred awareness of how that evidence is best applied in any particular case. Without this awareness, without empathy, trust, understanding and respect, all the evidence in the world will not help us work with clients or help them to benefit from the results of our research based knowledge." Vincent Deary

Our Approach

Our approach is personal, professional and caring. Our clients are our family. 

Please do watch the free presentation, or read the free sample of our book,  which go in to more detail about how we work. Both are available via the shop.

It has been influenced by several scientific fields including: neuroscience, psychology, person-centred therapy, positive psychology, nutritional science, NLP, exercise physiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, immunolgy, epigenetics, psychoneuroimmunolgy and functional medicine.

In both the 1-2-1 programmes, and the group educational programme, you will be taken through our system. You will learn about the underlying causes of your symptoms and how the body works through interconnected bodily systems.

We believe there is real value in understanding how, and why, you feel the way you feel, and, why we recommending what we are recommending. Knowledge is power.

“People’s lives don’t package themselves in to neat little bundles – job, home, money, health. Our lives seem to contain themes that run through them like common-coloured thread. If you’re not happy at work, that’s likely to show up somewhere else. If you’re not feeling heathy or full of energy, then thats likely to be mirrored elsewhere.”

This quote by Julie Starr summarises why we take the approach we do, looking at six critical areas of life that influence health, and are influenced by health. In our experience, more times than not, we need to consider the thoughts, feelings and emotions we are experiencing around our health in order to improve. While nutrition and supplementation have been shown to be of value in improving symptoms in CFS, results, in our experience, are far greater when these areas are simultaneously explored.

Alex Manos

Alex Manos

Managing Director

Alex has a MSc in Personalised Nutrition, during which he wrote his dissertation on glucocorticoid resistance in chronic fatigue syndrome. Alex also has a 1st class degree in nutritional therapy. He is one of thirteen fully certified Functional Medicine practitioners in the UK (as of January 2017), having completed his studies with The Institute For Functional Medicine. He lectures on both MSc and BSc programmes and sits on the Clinical Advisory Board for Invivo Clinical. Alex is also a certified Life Coach and has been a personal trainer for over a decade with numerous qualifications in movement assessment, corrective exercise and performance enhancement.

This breadth of knowledge and experience allows Alex to truly take a comprehensive approach to supporting his clients.